My Projects

Full list of my most recent projects showcasing my skills in Development and Design.

Shopping App

Vue Shopping App

A simple shopping app built with Vue JS. I learned the basics on how to filter through json files data to load in content along with components, router and the fundamentals of Options API.

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Zarya Creative Studio

Zarya Creative Studio

A beautiful website crafted by me in Webflow. Main goal was to really flex my design skills and think outside of the norm. This agency is for small business' to hire my friend and I for creative services at an affordable rate.

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Asian Night Market

Asian Night Market Website

Done custom in Wordpress for a local business. Goal was to create a website for an event that features advanced custom fields and custom design.

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Old Portfolio

Old Portfolio '21

Created in Weblow to flex my design and abstract creativity. More of a design site showing a few UX designs.

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